TRAINING DAY INC. was born in NEW YORK CITY from the mind of Founder & CEO Bryan Torres. Inspired by his experiences in the United States Military, as an NCAA Strength and Conditioning Coach, and over a decade of Personal Training experience. This isn't about high fives and only feel good vibes. Training Day Incorporated is a results driven human behavior and development company.... YOU WILL LEARN TO BEND BUT NEVER BREAK. 




I have been training with Bryan Torres for 5 weeks now. He is a great and experienced trainer. I like a straightforward trainer who motivates me and clearly understands my goals and pushes me over my limits...... I am more confident and mentally stronger. Bryan also takes the time to oversee my diet and gives precious advice on the right food and when to eat it. I highly recommend Bryan as he is truly capable, direct, and able to understand, unlock, fiscal and mental blocks one may have. I feel my body has gone through such a positive 360 degree change. 



I've been training with Bryan Torres aka @training_day_inc for 10 months. At the beginning of this journey I weighed 345lbs. Currently I weigh 272lbs (73lbs in 10months) with my next goal being 245lbs. Did I mention that I was a chef? For years I used my profession as the reason that I would "Always be big" and could not lose weight. It was until I met Bryan that we broke through with a diet that worked for me. So not only does Bryan work my ass off in the gym but he is a constant resource for health and nutrition....